1D In-Ear Monitors

The Ultimate Sound 1Driver or US1D represents the in-ear monitors with one driver, large frequency coverage band. US1D is ideal for personal auditions, TV anchors, sports activities and it represents the best choice for those wanting entry-level in-ear monitors.

270 € a pair


2D In-Ear Monitors

The Ultimate Sound 2Driver or US2D represents the in-ear monitors with two drivers. Using the two drivers and a two way crossover, US2D plays back more low frequencies than the US1D monitors, due to the dedicated driver for low frequencies. It can be used in most activities, but it is especially recommended for the music lovers or the audio engineers.

480 € a pair


3D In-Ear Monitors

US3D was designed for playing a balanced (flat) sound on all frequencies, with a slight emphasize of low frequencies. It is the ideal solution for the stage artists wishing for a natural, clear and unadulterated or changed sound. It is the in-ear monitor with the most natural sound, without being sterile and boring. This model is recommended for the stage and studio musicians.

650 € a pair


Ear Plugs

Ultimate Sound recommends you to use custom ear plugs with -9dB, -15dB or -25dB noise protection depending on your needs. These custom ear plugs, besides the fact that they have a greater soundproofing level than the generic ear plugs (corks, sponge or rubber ear plugs), contributes to a high level of comfort during use due to the identical shape to the shape of your ear.

90 € a pair



Ultimate Sound offers custom protective cases, cables with memory for in-ear monitors in different colors,audio adapters, cleaning tool, moist disinfectant wipes for cleaning custom in-ear monitors.