About us

About Ultimate Sound

Ultimate Sound is a company focused on the sound quality, as there is nothing more important in the world than a perfect sound. If you are a professional musician, an audiophile or a music lover wishing to bring the listening experience to the next level, we offer you custom in-ear monitors in order to obtain the quality sound you are looking for.

The Ultimate Sound customers understood that using the in-ear monitors is not a fashion or a new trend for the musicians. In fact, they are aware that it is not only about them, but also about the public supporting them, and they want to enjoy a good show and a high-quality sound.

These are the reasons for which Ultimate Sound creates custom in-ear monitors for each of you – for professional musicians and for the music lovers!

Ultimate Sound is the only manufacturer and distributor of custom in-ear headphonesin Romania, more technically named in-ear monitors.

In the world of Hi-Fi sound, the commercial in-ear headphones – often called “plugs” – can slip or fall out of the ear or can be uncomfortable after a while. The Ultimate Sound in-ear monitors can be manufactured individually for each ear, thus allowing an increased comfort, the headphones being identical with the shape of your ear, together with a high hearing protection and a clear and natural sound.

The Ultimate Sound in-ear headphones comply with the latest requirements of professional applications: durability and resistance, high clearness even in noisy environments, increased comfort regardless of the length of use, high audio protection up to approx. 25 ~ 26 dB.

The custom in-ear monitors are designed especially for stage musicians for using in the studio, but also for personal auditions, sports activities or TV shows.