Ear plugs

How does the noise exposure affect us?
Hearing loss (deafness) is one of the most frequent afflictions generated at the workplace, affecting more and more young people, and it still represents a high cost for the industry.
Ear plugs for hearing protection.
The investment in hearing protection products brings additional advantages then the simple conformity. The long-term exposure to loud noises often brings headaches, tiredness, irascibility, reduced work efficiency and high risks of accidents. In other words, using hearing protection in the work environment helps you to be more rested and more efficient, in a word productive.

A good ear protection device has good outcomes for the user. This is why Ultimate Sound recommends you to use custom ear plugs. These custom ear plugs, besides the fact that they have a greater soundproofing level than the generic ear plugs (corks, sponge or rubber ear plugs), contributes to a high level of comfort during use due to the identical shape to the shape of your ear.

Perfect Acoustic Seal
If you are using custom earpieces for hearing protection or In Ear Monitors, creating a perfect acoustic seal is important for sound quality and protection. Custom earpieces are exactly fitted to create this seal, so you can have confidence you're being protected.

Generic ear plugs can be bulky or just plain ugly. If you want a discreet look, custom earplugs can be made in transparent materials.
While the upfront cost is higher than generic earpieces, the long lifespan of custom ear plugs, comfortable fit, ease of use and customizable appearance makes custom earpieces worth the investment if you value your hearing and looks.

The only remedy is PREVENTION! … and prevention is simple with an effective hearing protection.

Ultimate Sound comes to your aid with complete solutions for prevention and hearing protection. We offer assistance and support for choosing the right ear plugs.

Excerpt of the Ultimate Sound User’s Manual
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Even if the sound sensitivity is different from one person to another, there are a number of safety standards for the sound levels depending on the time of exposure. The table on the left is taken from the information published OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Administration) for this field. Remember, these standards are based on an average sound sensitivity. Your sensitivity may be higher or lower than these values.

Custom Ear Plugs
- Custom Ear Plugs are tailor made to match the contour of your ear and offer a number of advantages over traditional foam or plastic earpieces.
Ear Plug Comfort
- Earpieces, which exactly match your ears, are so comfortable you won't feel them in. Unlike foam or plastic earpieces which irritate the sensitive skin of the ear canal, custom earpieces put no pressure on the ear.
Easy to Insert
- Custom earpieces can only go in one way...the right way. That means there is no fiddling around trying to insert them correctly or deeply enough
Cost Effective
Custom earpieces can be less expensive in the long run because they last for several years.

Custom ear plugs for MUSICIANS
ER-9 – 9dB reduction, ideal for vocals of classical musicians and audio engineers
ER-15 – 15dB reduction, good for most musicians
ER-25 – 25dB reduction, ideal for rock musicians and for very loud concerts
90 € a pair

Custom ear plugs for INDUSTRY
IndSound are custom ear plugs giving an excellent noise protection for several work environments. They are especially designed, made of high-resistance, hypoallergenic materials, very comfortable during the entire use.
70 € a pair

Custom ear plugs for SLEEPING AND SWIMMING
Stop Sound – Soft, transparent, silicone, assuring maximum ear protection against any sound. It can be used as plugs for swimming or for reducing noise during the night.
50 € a pair