Frequently asked questions

Where are the in-ear monitors manufactured and how long does it take?
The in-ear monitors are manufactured in Romania, Ultimate Sound being the only specialized company in the production of monitors for musicians in the country.
What are the advantages of custom in-ear headphones compared to the generic headphones (plugs)?
The custom in-ear monitors are comfortable and they will not fall out of the ear, the sound reduction is of high quality and the sound is significantly better.
How can I obtain my ear’s impression?
The ear impression is free of charge and it is performed in the Cochleea, audiology practice, Ultimate Sound partner.
Can I test Ultimate Sound monitors before buying?
Ultimate Sound does not manufacture generic in-ear monitors; the only choice is to buy them.
What are the benefits for a musician using Ultimate Sound monitors?
Provided that they are used correctly, the Ultimate Sound custom in-ear monitors decrease the risk of hearing damage, help the improvement and coherence of the sound quality, remove the virtual acoustic feedback, offer the freedom of movement on the stage when using them together with a wireless system and give the impression of comfort during their use even after a long period of time.
Will I feel too isolated from the surroundings?
The acoustic isolation may be an advantage when you are on the stage or listening to music. The Ultimate Sound custom in-ear monitors decrease the outside noise up to 26 dB. Of course, the soundproofing of the sounds depends on the shape of the ear, as well as on the type of the headphones.
How do I know if I listen in sound-safe conditions? What des it happen with the tinnitus (ear ringing)?
The Ultimate Sound monitors were designed based on solid audiology principles that can prevent the loss of hearing induced by noise, and even the disappearance of the tinnitus, by strengthening the signal/noise ratio for the people who are active day after day.
The need of sound intensity is reduced, as the outside noise will be reduced and, practically, you will not have to cover the noise with the high level in the headphones.
The only amplified thing is the music, not the noise!
How long does it take until I receive the monitors after placing the order?
The in-ear monitors are ready within 5 business days from the order placement. The order is processed from the day on which the impressions are made.
How does the Re-Fit system work and what does it mean?
If, within 10 days from the purchase, the in-ear monitors create any kind of discomfort or if they are uncomfortable in the pavilion of the ear, this can be remedied free of charge.
What is the ambient vent?
The vent is a small orifice from one end to the other of the in-ear monitors for limiting the soundproofing. This orifice allows the user to hear the outside sounds. The disadvantage of this ambient vent is the reduction of soundproofing; thus, it is recommended to use an ambient microphone.
How can I control best the humidity/dampness in the in-ear monitors?
The typical ear canal is a warm and damp environment. The water vapors are condensing in the sensitive microelectronics inside the monitors when the air temperature changes. The condensation is the main element affecting the sound quality and, finally, the malfunction of the monitors. The warning signs may vary from sound distortion, intermittence, weak sound, up to total failure and malfunction. This may lead to a loner period of disuse, as well as to costly repairs.
In order to maintain the in-ear monitors, it is recommended that, before use, to sanitize (wipe) your ear with a tissue in order to remove the possible dampness or perspiration. After using the in-ear monitors, they must be wiped on their entire surface with a damp tissue and then with a dry tissue. It is preferable to leave the monitors in open spaces, kept away from light, so that the dampness accumulated during their use may be eliminated.
What is the driver?
The driver is similar to a small speaker, designed based on certain specifications, able to play back frequencies that cannot be heard with other types of headphones.
Do I need any other equipment/adaptors in order to use the in-ear monitors?
If you want to listen to music, you just have to plug the headphones in any iPod, MP3 player or any other portable devices in order to enjoy the music. If you use them in live shows or in a recording studio, you will need a wireless transmission system. Usually, the in-ear monitors use a cable with a gold-plated standard jack of 3.5mm, bur, depending on the preferences, it can be changed with any type of connection agreed by you.
My in-ear monitors can work for a long period of time?
They will work within the normal parameters if you take care of them. However, our ears grow and they are constantly changing. The in-ear monitors that were comfortable is the ear 3 ago may not be fitting now. Therefore, you will have to have the ear impression taken again and the shell will have to be replaced for a fee.