Technology used

Perfect fitting of the Ultimate Sound custom monitors in the ear
Ultimate Sound team has over ten years of experience in the fields of audiology and in-ear devices, making us believe that we can manufacture high-quality products from the point of view of the finishes and comfort, as well as fro the point of view of the quality of the music.

Removable cable with memory
Ultimate Sound uses professional cables with memory behind the ear in various colors. The cable is made of pure copper for an optimal connectivity, strengthened inside with kelvar. The outside of the cable has a polyurethane and Teflon sleeve in order to assure maximum flexibility. The cable is connected to the in-ear monitors with 2 gold-plated pins and the jack has a audio stereo, gold-plated, connector of 3.5. The length of the cable is the standard length, 1200 cm.

Drivers (speakers) used
casti in ear, monitoare in ear , casti audio, casti cu mulaj, casti profesionale, monitoare studio A driver – sometimes named “speaker” or “receiver” – translates an electrical signal in sound pressure that is captured by the human ear as sounds. The drivers are used in various electronic devices–e.g. mobile phones, TV, security systems. The application most often encountered for a receiver with balanced armature is the hearing instruments and the in-ear applications.

The balanced armature technology is fundamentally transforms more effectively the energy into sound. The balanced armature technology works only when the output is designed directly in the ear canal, otherwise the low frequencies (bass) disappear.
The balanced armature technology assures a better output per mm³. This represents an advantage in the miniaturized applications (e.g. hearing instruments) or in applications where the installation of a number of receivers in a small space is desired (e.g. for manufacturing hi-fi headphones with high, medium and low tones).

Operating principle

The armature (a metallic band) is placed between two magnets, a coil being installed around it.
The end of the armature is set exactly in the middle of the distance between the two magnets (balanced fitting).
The current passing through the coil injects flow in the fitting, making it move.
A mobile pin connected to one end of the fitting moves the membrane fro the other end, generating sound.

Technology used
Ultimate Sound collaborates with Sonion, a Danish company founded in 1974 in Roskilde, Denmark. SONION is a leader in the manufacturing of miniature electrical components of hearing instruments, in-ear monitors and high-end headphones.

Therefore, we do not make compromises, and this is shown by our products.